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Articles, tips and strategies on starting a political campaign. Learn how to begin your candidacy and launch an effective campaign organization.

When Should You Start Campaigning For Your Election?

If you are planning to run for office, you should start campaigning as soon as you can. That’s all. End of post. No, not really. It’s a little more complicated than that. Much of your campaigning will happen close to Election Day, but there... Read More

Creating a Political Campaign Timeline

If you’ve ever run for local office, then you know that the stakes are high, no matter the position. And the competition can be as tough as any state or federal race. Planning out a timeline for your political campaign is an important step in... Read More

Tips for Writing Your Political Candidate Biography

Anyone running for office needs to write a political candidate biography. A good story adds a personal touch to your campaign. It provides information about your background, qualifications, and positions on important issues. Your candidate biography is... Read More