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We provide everything you need to create, launch and manage your campaign website.

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  • Inexpensive – Monthly option as low as $29 per month. Custom design packages as low as $399, or as a $199 upgrade!
  • Professional – We design and build your site within days or you can do it yourself.
  • Built-in tools, free resources, and additional services to grow your online campaign.

We understand the challenges political candidates face when creating an online presence. It may be a lack of technical expertise, time constraints, and/or limited resources. Online Candidate provides affordable, professional websites to promote your message, and marketing services to further connect with voters.


Here are some frequently asked questions from potential clients…

General Questions

If I am running for local office, should I have a campaign website?

Definitely, because voters will look for you online.

Whether you are running for US Senate, Town Supervisor or the local school board, a website can be an essential component in your campaign.

A campaign websites gives you more freedom to get your message across than other delivery methods. A candidate isn’t limited by the size of a brochure size or the time of a radio ad. It costs far less to raise one campaign dollar from your website than through direct mail, telemarketing or prospecting lists. A website can be used to invite feedback, recruit volunteers, solicit contributions and share media ads and news reports as they happen.

A custom-built website can cost thousands of dollars, and each update can become an additional expense. On the other hand, having an amateur build your site can end in a less than desirable result.

Online Candidate provides a professional-looking, full-featured websites that candidates or campaign staff members can easily create or update without the assistance of programming talent.

We have four different website options: Our Lite Website Package and Monthly Option are designed for smaller campaigns with limited budgets. The Regular Package includes custom template design, while the Enhanced Website Package includes a custom design plus initial content setup.

See for yourself how each package works. Try our online Demo or view the full feature list

Why use Online Candidate rather than local web developer create my website?

There are many solutions to get a website built, but it’s hard enough to run a political campaign without learning the ins and out of web development. You need a campaign website that performs well, is reliable, and is optimized to convert your visitors into voters. With Online Candidate, you start with a fully-functional website with default pages and built-in tools.

Our system is specifically designed for political campaigns.  A local web developer may not have experience with political websites and will almost certainly charge you more.  A volunteer may lack the skills to do the job and may disappear when you need them most.

Thing move fast on the election trail, and you’ll need to be able to make site updates without waiting for an expensive developer to make changes for you. With the Online Candidate website builder, you are in control.

Are Carol and Shane real people?

Yes, we are! It’s funny how many people are actually surprised when one of us answers the phone by name.

How long have you been creating campaign websites?
We worked on a local campaign and built our first campaign website in 2003. The site was successful and had an impact on the race. It forced the opponent to spend (a lot of) money on a competing site. It also helped raise issue awareness. In the end, our candidate won!

After that, we had the idea of using our web skills to help other local candidates. Most local campaigns don’t have a lot of money, so Online Candidate was envisioned as a turnkey solution to allow campaigns to create and update their own sites.

Do you work with Democrats or Republicans exclusively?
We are non-partisan. We work with Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green Party, etc. Small and large campaigns are welcome.
Would you do a website for my opponent?

We cannot guarantee that an opponent will not order a website through us. It has happened a few times. We do not solicit the opposition of our clients, but at the same time, that does not stop anyone from finding or ordering from us

I am a political consultant or marketing service. What can you do for me?
Every election cycle, hundreds of candidates use Online Candidate as the hub of their online campaign. Political consultants regularly use our services because of our quick turnaround, great designs and personal support.

If you are interested in having us provide your candidate’s website platform, please see our personal consulting page. We look forward to working with you

What about foreign (Non US) websites?
Online Candidate campaign sites are tailored for an American audience. The admin system is in English, and the forms are all in English. If you are looking for multi-language site, we recommend either creating language-specific pages or to create separate language-specific sites. We can perform limited language updates, such as form edits or currency changes. Please contact us to discuss before ordering.

If you are looking to register a country-specific domain name, you will need to register the domain name through a registrar of your choice and point the name servers to ours.

Can I use my own domain name?
If your domain name is already registered: Online Candidate websites reside on our dedicated servers. After you order, you will be provide information where and how to ‘point’ your domain name to our servers.

If your domain name is not already registered: You can register your own domain when you set up your website. We include one free .com or .org domain with each package. Specialty domain extensions such as .republican, .democrat and .voting are also available.

For more information about choosing a good domain name, read Should Your Campaign Register A Dot Com, Dot Org Or Both?.

Can I get design files if I want to have print materials made from my site design?
Yes! If you have a Regular Package, Enhanced Package or a custom design upgrade, we can send you high-res files for use in your campaign print materials. Just send us a support ticket with the request.
What is the content management system (CMS) based on?
The Online Candidate CMS is a proprietary system specifically designed for political campaigns. While platforms like Wordpress are very powerful, they require significant configuration and can be difficult to use for less technically-savvy users. Online Candidate provides a system that allows for an attractive, full-featured website with tools and features already already built-in. It’s simple to use and simple to update.

Check out the Demo Section to get a feel for how the platform works.

What are the Terms of Use?
See our Terms of Use page for details

Services Questions

Big Question - What are the campaign website packages?

All sites contain the Online Candidate website platform and built-in site tools.

Our Lite Website Package and Monthly Option is designed for campaigns starting with a tight budget or with a limited campaign  It’s easily upgradable to a custom design so you can grow your site with your campaign.

Our Regular Campaign Website Package includes a custom design. We design a website header with your campaign colors, logo, background and candidate head shot. We customize the site colors, fonts, and backgrounds for a professional look suitable for any political campaign. We also design a logo that you can also use for print.

We handle it all!  The Enhanced Campaign Website Package features the design customization and initial content setup. We’ll arrange your site text, images, and optimize your content for search engines. Don’t have a logo? No problem! We’ll create one for you that you can also use for print use. After that, it’s all in your control.

All campaign website packages include exclusive free access to

Read more about our packages.

What is the Monthly Option?

The Monthly Option is for clients that prefer a month-to-month solution. The Monthly Option includes the full online candidate website CMS and tools. It is similar to the Lite Website Package in that you can select from a wide selection of header images, color styles, and font types to create a unique look. From there, add your site content and go live! It’s easily upgradable to a custom design so you can grow your site with your campaign.

It is billable monthly until you cancel online through your client account.

To compare your options, check out our Package Comparison Matrix.

What is included in my site when I order?

After your order is processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to create your website admin account and additional notes.

Once you create your admin account, you will be able to log in to the site. You will find that your site already comes pre-installed with the following content pages and tools:

  • Home page
  • About the Candidate page
  • News / blog section
  • Events page
  • Issues page
  • Endorsement page with form
  • Voter Information page
  • Volunteer page with signup form
  • Contact page with form
  • Donation page
  • Default or custom Under Construction page

Add and edit your content whenever you want. You can add text, photos, graphics, videos and more.

Built in tools includes a countdown widget, social media post integration, customizable forms, image galleries, landing page generator, popup creator and more.

If you are creating your own site, you will have access to template options for header graphics, logo upload, site colors, fonts and header layout options. If you already have campaign colors and design, you can easily match the website to your look.

Each section in your Site Administration contains help sections along with links to our Knowledgebase that contains step-by-step instructions. We’ve worked to me the system as simple while flexible as possible. If you run into any trouble, submit a ticket through the yellow support tab.

Finally, you’ll have access to articles, tools, letter generators, resources and graphic templates through You’ll find login information in your Site Administration.

How quickly can my website be built?

Short answer: It depends.

If you are using the builder yourself (Monthly Option or Lite Package), you should be able to put together a site within a few hours. It helps to have your photographs and copy already written. It’s a LOT faster to copy and paste copy from a text file and format it in the builder than to type directly into the builder window.

If you ordered a Custom package or a site setup upgrade for your Monthly or Lite site, turnaround time is 3-4 business days from the time we receive all your material. A little organization on your part makes the process go much smoother.

Need a site yesterday? Reach out and we’ll see what we can do to bump you ahead a bit.

What online fundraising options are available?

Online Candidate can easily integrate with Raise The Money, Anedot, ActBlue, WinRed and most any fundraising service. You can also link to outside sites or embed content or widgets from any other sources. Our clients have used a number of online donation services over the years.

Read: Comparing Political Donation Platforms – Our Recommendations

What other products/services do you provide?

We provide a number of additional products and services to help your campaign.

Our Download Store has ebooks and templates for political campaigns.

Additional Addon Services to build your online campaign include: Site Launch, Social Media Setup, MailChimp Setup, IP Targeting services, and Personal Consulting. Learn more.

Template-based websites can also be upgraded to a custom design.

What is the 'Website Launch Package'?
The Website Launch Package can be ordered as campaign website option or as a stand-alone service. This service is designed to help your campaign get that initial promotional boost to rank well in the search engines. It includes:

  • Google account setup: We will create Google account and install Google Analytics on your site so you can monitor your site traffic and see where your visitors are coming from. Setting up your Google Webmaster account will allow us to submit your website’s sitemap and ensure your new and future pages are quickly indexed.
  • Website review: Your site can’t rank well if it isn’t optimized. We’ll check your site for basic SEO to make sure the site is search engine friendly.
  • profile: We’ll create and optimize your candidate profile on our directory. Your listing will help tie together your website and social media profiles while providing an additional place to control your message.
  • Site launch press release: You provide some basic information, and we’ll draft a press release announcing the launch of your website. Once it’s approved, we’ll post the release to a press release syndication site.
  • Initial bookmarking: Links are the currency of the web. To kick off your initial links, we will bookmark your website, press release, OCL profile, and your existing social media accounts to a number of bookmarking websites. This will ensure that your content is indexed by the major search engines.

See the full list of Addon Options.

What is the 'Initial Website Content Setup Option'?

This is an optional add-on for any site order, but is included FREE with our Enhanced Website Package. We’ll arrange your site text and images for a pleasing design. Text information for each of the pages must be in ELECTRONIC form. After that, it’s all in your control. For fastest results, have your website content written and ready BEFORE you order. This site setup is performed ONCE with the materials provided. See the full list of Addon Options.

What is the 'Copy Editing Service'?

We understand the power of persuasive language in shaping opinions and mobilizing supporters. This service includes meticulous copy editing for up to five content pages, ensuring your message resonates clearly and effectively with voters.

View Details

What is the 'Website Maintenance Service'?

Our Website Maintenance Service offers the convenience of professional and timely content and design changes, while still allowing you control over your Online Candidate website. Remember, you can always update your site on your own if you prefer. Our Website Update Services provides an extra layer of convenience. It is billed per update.

View Details

Ordering Questions

How much does an Online Candidate website package cost?

The price depends on your package, but all prices are inclusive. Your website order includes domain setup, configuration of the CMS and hosting.

Regular and Enhanced website packages include header/template modifications. See our Packages Page for details and pricing

Additional website services and products are also available.

Are there any hidden fees or recurring costs?
No. Everything is up-front and the prices are inclusive. There are no extra fees or autobilling (unless you are on the Monthly Option). You have the option to renew your website hosting when the initial host period ends ($120/6 Months, $240/12 Months). Annual domain renewal cost is $25 for .com domains.
What payment options to you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards for online orders. We also invoice you manually to accept payment by money order, check or e-check. See full payment options.
What are your refund policies?

We strive for client satisfaction. We encourage you to check out the Administration Demo to see if the system is right for you.

All Websites MUST cancel through the Client Portal. Instructions on how to cancel are located in your site admin dashboard.

For the Monthly Website Option and Lite Website Packages, If a package is cancelled within one week, you will be refunded minus domain registration costs. While a domain name IS included with a package, we do incur charges by the registrar. Therefore, domain costs are not refundable (currently $25 + Domain Privacy, if ordered). You still own the domain name and may transfer it or point it elsewhere if you choose.

For the Regular and Enhanced Packages or websites that ordered the custom design, or site setup addons, we only provide partial refunds on what work has not been completed.

Hosting is included with the website packages. It is not severable, so we do not provide pro rata discounts.

View refund and cancellation details.

I don't need hosting for the entire period. Do you discount for shorter hosting times?

For the Lite, Regular and Enhanced Website Packages, the hosting time is included with the package. It is not severable, so we do not provide pro rata discounts. The additional hosting time is beneficial in that it gives you more time to ramp up your online campaign. The earlier a website is launched, the more effective it can be.

If you are looking for a short-term solution, consider the Monthly Option. You can order the Custom Design And Initial Website Content Setup Add-ons to get a custom look.

How can I upgrade my website package?

On the Dashboard of the Lite and Monthly site administration is a link to the Client Portal where you upgrade to a Custom Design, Content Setup or to extend your hosting. Upon order, you will be emailed instructions.

Custom designs are typically completed within a few business days. You’ll want to have a candidate photo ready ahead of time.

How do I cancel my website?

You can cancel your website either by clicking the Client Portal Login button or Cancel Account link in your website admin dashboard, under the Support tab in the admin navigation, or by accessing the client portal.

Do NOT email cancellation requests!

The Process

I've what?

When you order your website package, your domain name and hosting and SSL security certificate are automatically set up for you. Check your email for the Getting Started email with the next steps.

How does the Custom Design process work?

After placing an order for either the Regular or Enhanced Package, you’ll promptly receive an automated email with the subject “GETTING STARTED” with essential information for the next steps.

This email contains the following key components:

  1. Admin Install/Design Questionnaire Form: This is a crucial link to an online form that facilitates the creation of your admin login for the website. Additionally, it helps us gather valuable information about your campaign, which greatly aids us in creating a design mockup that aligns perfectly with your requirements.
  2. Site Setup Worksheet (Enhanced Package Only): For those who have opted for the Enhanced Package, an attached Microsoft Word document called the “Site Setup Worksheet” will be provided. This comprehensive worksheet allows you to furnish details on various website settings and options. You can provide information on email accounts required, volunteer form options, donation services, and more. Feel free to leave any sections unanswered if you’re unsure about certain options or if you wish to address them later. We are always available to incorporate additional details at a later date.

Once you have completed these initial steps, email all the design materials and website content necessary to commence the work to

Within 2-4 business days, you will receive another email containing a link to the mockup of your website. This gives you the opportunity to review the logo, banner, and overall design. If the presentation doesn’t precisely match your vision, simply share your feedback with us, guiding us in the right direction to achieve the desired outcome. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to refining the design until it perfectly reflects your expectations.

How soon can my Custom Design website be set up?

With the Regualr Package, you can start working on your site as soon as you order and create your user account. However, the turnaround time for the logo creation/design customization and for the site content setup that is included with the enhanced package, is  3-4 business days from the time we get your materials.

In a time crunch? Contact us.

What do Online Candidate sites look like?

Our custom designs include logo design, your choice of colors and a header image. The page template header, colors and page fonts can be edited to create a unique look. The headers can be tall or short, we can add backgrounds or match any campaign color scheme. We’ve designed hundreds of sites for all types of candidates, organizations and races.

For non-custom websites, you can choose between dozens of header backgrounds and color schemes. You can also edit your site fonts, width and various header options to create a unique look. Have your own header design? You can upload and use it if you want. A number of Canva header templates are available for your to customize through the free graphic design platform.

You can our work in our Client Website Design Gallery. See something you like? We can match it!

What support do you provide?

Our success hinges on your success. We want your site to look sharp, both in design and content layout.

Your Online Candidate administration contains on-screen instructions as well as links to our extensive Knowledge Base. Should you have questions on how to use the system, or any other question, feel free to sent a ticket directly through your site administration.

Email is not recommended for support. They can get lost in the inbox. Support tickets are best, but if you are really stuck on something, give us a call.

We always welcome feedback or suggestions for our product.

More Questions?
After all this? That’s okay – feel free to contact us!