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About Us

Carol Daley

Carol Daley has a long track record of fulfilling clients’ marketing needs. With over 20 years experience in print and web design, she customizes the templates of each and every campaign website. When you contact us, you’re reaching out to the person actually doing the work.

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Shane Daley

Shane Daley has nearly two decades experience as a web developer, with a strong focus on search engine optimization and online marketing. He developed the Online Candidate content management system and is the author of Running For Office As An Online Candidate.

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The Online Candidate Story

It all started when a friend of ours ran for office in 2003. She was an underdog in the campaign and needed all the help she could get.

We decided the best way to help was to build her a campaign website. This was before having an online presence was a large part of political campaigning.

The site was successful and had a large impact on the campaign. It helped raise awareness about local development and many of the backroom deals being made without public knowledge or input.

Our candidate’s website came up for web searches on our opponent’s name. There were also a number of unflattering articles that appeared. This was due to linking out to them from the site to influence rankings. (Later, this would be known as ‘Google Bombing’.)

The campaign promoted the website offline on signage and in local newspaper articles. This bad publicity spooked the opponent and led him to spend lots of money on a competing site to try to give his side of the story.

It didn’t work. The site was amateurish and hardly persuasive.

In the end, our candidate won the election.

That success gave us the idea of using our web skills to help other local candidates. We believed the web was going to be a powerful tool for organizing people. At the time, building any sort of website required a fair amount of technical skill.

That idea led to the creation of Online Candidate.

In the beginning, we put together a process to let people order a website package online. We would manually register the domain name and set up the content management system with pre-built pages and tools. Then the client could choose from pre-designed headers and color schemes to get the look they wanted.

Today, the Online Candidate system is fully automated for domain registration and account setup, so a client can immediately register and start building their website. The platform has built-in tools and produces sites that are fully mobile-responsive. Additional services like social media setup help our clients build an online presence faster.

We recently added a number of digital products to help local campaigns, including our Campaign Letter Templates, Running for Office as an Online Candidate book, and political print templates.

In 2017, we began offering political WordPress websites.

Online campaigning has evolved over the last two decades. How can we help you today?