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Praise from a repeat customer

“I have set up two campaign websites using Online Candidate and have been extremely happy with the product. I was able to get both sites up in a very short time. It allows you to create very professional sites for very little cost. The software is extremely easy to use, and the support provided by Carol Daley, the owner, was just exceptional. It helps if you know just a little HTML, but you can create a great looking site with absolutely no programming skills. I highly recommend Online Candidate.”

Howard S.

Website up and running over a weekend

“When running for a position on the Board of Supervisors for a historical county, I felt it necessary to have an electronic presence to promote my position on a number of critical issues. Having a small initial budget and looking for ease of use plus a broad capability seemed like an impossible objective. But Ms. Daley and Online Candidate proved to be the best answer to my search. I was able to get the website up and running over a weekend with a minimal expense. Any issue or question about the website was quickly answered and resolved. I can’t begin to express my thanks to Ms. Daley and her team.”

John Wright III


Carol is so responsive and professional

“This service is awesome! Carol is so responsive and professional – and the end product is exactly what we were hoping to see. Recommend it!”


Best value, best service and best quick and easy site

“I purchased the Lite website package at 8AM, Carol herself called at 10AM because I mis-typed my email address and she got the confirmation email back from me as undeliverable. I received the link to the admin site at 12 Noon and began customizing my site at 1PM. I’ts 2:30PM and I can see my live site online already. Best value, best service and best quick and easy site. The site customizer is definitely tailored to political sites which is good because I have zero web experience. Thanks Carol!”


Simple, professional, easy to publish

“As a political newcomer, I first tried designing my own site with little satisfaction. I researched a lot of websites and found the software and learning costs for design and publication to be extraordinary. Then I found Simple, professional, easy to publish and great interaction with the company. I was amazed at how easy and affordable could be coupled with professional results. Every person who looked at my campaign site remarked on the quality and gave it high marks!”


Heartily recommend

“We came to Online Candidate as three first time school board candidates with a need to launch a high impact web site with little time to invest and even less money. Carol really came through for us by providing patient and competent information to get us started. She was pleasant to deal with and provided exactly what we needed when we needed it. As municipal candidates, we don’t have an a huge IT team supporting us. but it certainly felt like we did. I would heartily recommend this website to any candidate.”

Jim C.


Skip the do it yourself route…

“I was recently in charge of obtaining a campaign web site to support our reelection efforts. We had used a custom site on our first election over 12 years ago and it was a lot of work. I am very comfortable with the technology, but I did not want to invest the necessary time if we did it the old way. I reviewed a number of different sites that support campaigns and settled on online candidate. I found them to be extremely responsive to our needs and questions. Once we paid our fee, the site was a breeze to setup and they were very quick to help create the banner graphics. Whenever I had a question, Carol was quick to answer. Their customer service is top of the line. An important feature which we did not consider much at the beginning was their data tracking. They have great stats and other tracking information that allow you to see what the voters are focusing on. This helped us modify our campaign on the fly based on this real time data. I really liked that I could get the site up and running quickly and then add some of the more complex items as we went along. Integration of PayPal for donations was quick and easy. We even were able to link our campaign photos from another site which processed them into animations and then displayed it on our campaign site. Do yourself a favor and skip the do it yourself route and just use Online Candidate!”

Mark P


Customer Service is Responsive, Comprehensive and Professional

“I had used a different service while working on a political campaign, which by definiation screams small budget. I consider myself somewhat technically literate and the experiece prior left me frustrated and not looking forward to creating yet another website. Someone recommended to me. We had already tried a custom webdesigner and had paid more than the entire hosting, website and design work and had nothing to show for it. Within hours of locating, paying for the service, uploading the candidate’s picture – we had a website created and a logo back from the company. Their customer service is responsive, comprehensive and professional. We even had a question about some functionality which was addressed immediately even though they were not advertising that as an option. I highly recommend anyone with full or limited experience to utilize this service. Our best critique came from our opponent – they complained that our website was professional and they couldn’t afford to do that. Funny as we spent so few dollars. It truly is in Who you know not What you know. We know the people at and they made us look good.”

Kendra S.


Easy for Beginners Like Me

“I would like you to know that my Bridgewater Republican Municipal Committee and I are thrilled with our new website. All I’m getting is positive feedback and I only wish I’d gotten it completed sooner. I admit I was very intimidated at first and now I’m wondering why. Once I started to create it, I realized just how easy your company made it for beginners like me.”

B. Powers


Customer Service Second To None

“The website exceeded all expectations with the best price on the market. The customer service is second to none. I absolutely recommend Carol and”

Spencer H.


Tremendous Help and Always Responded Immediately

“I needed a website and purchased a template. I had a few problems but was a tremendous help, and always  responded immediately. With their help, I got the website online in time and it looks great. I highly recommend as a VERY affordable way to get your compaign online with professional results.”

Richard F. (Downloadable Website Template)


Thank you!

“This was the best experience so far in my campaign for a city council position in a major city. Carol personally talked me through my choices and made them understandable to a person that has never built a web page before. Everything about the experience was wonderful. When discussing with friends who have had to built web pages I even marveled more at my personal experience. If you are a candidate on a limited or not so limited budget and even if you have not had any experience at this put yourself in their hands and you will not regret it. Thank you ONLINE CANDIDATE…”

Judy L.


Very Pleased

“I was very pleased with your service and product and would certainly utilize you again.”

Dave Abdoo


You are tremendous!!!

“How easy was that?!? You are tremendous!!! Thank you. There is still more I want to do, but it’s a pretty decent looking site considering we got it up and going in .. what? .. less than 48 hours, right? I purchased the subscription on Tuesday morning!”

Grace Carlson



“Tomorrow’s the day. I formally announce at noon. Activated the web site tonight which I was itching to do for weeks. Your help along with the help from your husband in designing the site is going to go a long way to help me change the law enforcement perspective down here in Florida. Your site templates, brochure templates and book that contained so much information has been invaluable to me.”

John Pollinger


Looks Fantastic

“I think it looks fantastic and it took very little effort on our end to set up.”

C. McCallum


Helpful in Getting my Candidate Elected

“I am incredibly pleased with Online Candidate! Getting the site up and running was a breeze. The features were great and helpful in getting my candidate elected. Customer service was awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Darice Fisher, PR Consultant and Political Strategist


Affordable, Easy, Professional

“As a first time candidate for State Representative, I was concerned about the cost and time of setting up a web site. Online Candidate was affordable, easy to use and projected the professionalism of my campaign.”

D. Allen


Highly Recommended

“I am a first time candidate for Congress and I have found that by using and subscribing to the Online Candidate it has taken all of the learning curves out of the already complicated mix bag. I highly recommend the Online Candidate to the first timers and even for the seasoned pro’s they cover every need my staff and I have needed.”

John Krause


First Time Candidate…

“As a first time candidate for office, I had selected the most inexpensive campaign website available. I had difficulty setting up the site, but when it was completed it was very presentable. Within a few days however the website habitually was off line and many emails to explain or fix the problems went unanswered. With election day looming I made a decision to go to another website. I found online candidate and the very personable Carol Daley. She immediately realized the urgency (I had an online ad pointing to the website) of my predicament and began offering alternatives.) She had the new website up an running within thirty minutes and continued to make improvements to the new website. I learned quite a bit from Carol who is very informative. It is refreshing to talk to a person instead of receiving the your issue will be addressed within twenty four hours email. I find Carol to be a taskmaster and a great trouble shooter. The price difference was nominal and provided me with so much more timely support.”

Mike Meza


Couldn’t Have Been Easier!

“Creating a web site couldn’t have been easier! Support was fantastic allowing us to achieve the results we were looking for!”

M. Delcase


Thank you!

“Thank you for assisting me in setting up such wonderful site I will keep you in mind for any of my future political activities.”

D. Roberson



“I was totally impressed with the Online Candidate software product and the service I received from this company. I had many compliments on my website.”

A. Apperson


Phenomenal Work!

“I wanted to thank you for the great work and support you have provided me. Your work was phenomenal and I would recommend you every time.”

M. Cone


Thank You!

“I cannot tell you how happy I am that I found your website. Having this service has taken so much anxiety off of me. Everything looks so professional, and is so very easy to use. As an Independent candidate on a tight budge, I never thought that I could afford such a professional campaign package!”

M. Kraemer


Customer Support Is Great!

“This system was very easy to use. I was able to get the site up in one day. Making updates, attaching files and photos was very easy to do. Their technical and customer support is great.”

C. Jablonski


Companies Like Yours Make Internet Purchasing Worthwhile

“Thank you for catching the double purchase and refunding the money. It’s companies like yours that make Internet purchasing worthwhile and satisfying. Again, thank you.”

Cindy Hagerman (Digital Download Purchase)


Extremely Happy that I Chose Online Candidate

“I really appreciate all the work you have done on the header design. I also want you to know that I think that the manual and the website are both very user friendly, and I am extremely happy that I chose Online Candidate for my website CMS.”

M. Kraemer


Online Candidate Made Me Look Good!

“Although I was not successful in my bid against a popular city council candidate, I was most satisfied with Carol’s efforts on my behalf. She was very quick to respond to all my suggestions and put together a marvelous web site that made me look good and helped me organize my campaign.”

David Michael Heywood


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