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Voter at a voting machine

What Simple Question Can Increase Voter Turnout?

Sometimes elections, particularly local elections, come down to only a handful of votes. While all the moral support in the world is nice, a political candidate cannot win an election until they get their supporters to cast a ballot. So how can a... Read More

Reach Voters With Digital GOTV Strategies

As Election Day draws near, it’s time to give a final push to your supporters.  An effective Get Out The Vote (GOTV) strategy can make a difference. While your campaign ramps up its direct mail, phone and in-person efforts, don’t forget... Read More

voter turnout at polls

Ready or Not, Early Voting Is Almost Here

Does it seem like the election season keeps getting longer and longer? One reason for this is that early voting has become an ingrained part of the voting process. For many people, voting is a chore. It’s not something they’re excited to... Read More

Do Write-in Candidates Ever Win?

A write-in campaign is a type of election in which people who are not on the ballot can nevertheless make themselves eligible to win by receiving enough valid write-in votes. Write-in campaigns are usually low-budget, grassroots efforts that take place... Read More